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How to Record VR Gameplay: Oculus, PS4 and More

People are increasingly turning to virtual reality (VR) games instead of traditional ones because of the growing number of options in the market. Recording virtual reality games is something you enjoy doing while playing them. There are a few easy ways to record VR games, and this post outlines four of them.

Ways to Record VR Gameplay

Oculus Rift: How to Record VR Gameplay

You can utilize Nvidia graphics cards if you play virtual reality games on a headset device like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and want to record your gameplay. You can use ShadowPlay to record your virtual reality games as long as you have an Nvidia graphics card. OBS or Xsplit can also be used to record the stream. Using Shadowplay as an example, this part explains how to record Oculus Rift virtual reality gaming.

  1. Log in with the shadowplay option.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, go to the Preferences menu and tap the ShadowPlay option.
  3. To start recording, press the overlays button. During this phase, you have the opportunity to configure your microphone and keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Then you can return to the VR experience and begin recording.

OBS Studio Can Be Used to Record Steam VR Gameplay

To record your virtual reality gaming sessions while using Steam VR, you can use an open-source tool. OBS lets you record your computer gameplay in both traditional and virtual reality modes. Before you can record VR games, you’ll need to make a few changes to this software.

OBS provides a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to add system sound and microphone audio. These choices are easy to set up, so you can start recording right away.

To record a virtual reality game on Windows, follow these steps:

1. Configure SteamVR for Recording

Open this program, select the “Settings” menu, and check the “Display Mirror” box. Then, select “Both Eyes” from the “Main” menu at the top. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see what’s being broadcast.

2. Add Recording Source to OBS

Select “Display Capture” from the “Sources” drop-down menu after opening OBS. Click “OK” and then “Create new” on the following screen. Click “OK” a second time after selecting the video source from the drop-down menu.

3. Begin Recording Your VR Gameplay

To begin recording, click “Start Recording” on the OBS interface’s right-hand side.

4. Find Gameplay Recordings

When you’re done recording, click the “Stop Recording” option in OBS. Next, open the “File” drop-down menu and click on “Show Recordings” to see recordings produced using OBS.

How to Record PS4 VR Gameplay in 360-Degrees?

Many people would rather play video games on a console than on a PC. Also, if you’re using a PlayStation 4 as your VR system, you may record VR games using the console’s built-in feature. Using the PS4’s built-in video recording feature is a simple process.

Because it comes pre-installed on the PS4, you know you can count on it. Using it for long VR game recordings is lag-free. In most PS4 firmware, the option should be accessible.

Here is a tutorial on how to use this VR game recorder. If you’re just getting started, the steps listed below will help you get started.

  1. Select “Sharing and Broadcasts Settings” from the PS4 controller’s “Share” button. If you want to set the default duration of the recordings, select “Length of Video Clip” on the next screen.
  2. Audio captured from your microphone can be added to your recordings through your computer’s “Sharing and Broadcast Settings.” Select “Audio Sharing Settings.” Check the “Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips” option after that to finish.
  3. Record VR Gameplay. Afterward, you can begin recording the virtual reality experience. Open a virtual reality game and start playing. To start recording, hit the “Share” button twice on the controller. Press the “Share” button twice if you wish to end the recording before the PS4 does so.
  4. Find PS4 VR Game Recordings. The “Capture Gallery” on the PS4 stores the game recordings. Select it from the main menu.

Use VRCapture to Record and Stream Your Virtual Reality Gameplay

Steam customers are in luck since there are a variety of options for recording virtual reality gameplay. One method is to use VRCapture to capture gaming sessions while utilizing Steam. A free version of this tool is available in the Steam store, and it can be downloaded without restriction.

You only need to press a keyboard shortcut or select an item from the drop-down menu to start recording. It provides you with custom options, allowing you to choose the default folder freely to keep the VR game recordings. It also includes some keyboard shortcuts to make things easier and more efficient.

How to Record Steam VR Gameplay Using VRCapture: Steps to Follow

1. Set Up VRCapture

Visit the Steam shop and download and install this application on your computer. It should not take too long for this file to be downloaded to your computer.

2. Take Screenshots of Your Virtual Reality Play Sessions

Before you start playing the game, you must first launch the software. When you first start playing the game, select the recording option to begin recording gameplay.

3. Stop Recording

To stop recording after you have finished playing the game, select the “Stop recording” option from the menu or hit the “Ctrl + F12” shortcut key. With one click, the gadget will put an end to what is currently being recorded.

4. Change Default Location

If you wish to change the location where the game recordings are stored, you can select the settings option and specify a new location.

As long as you play virtual reality games on a widely used platform, the instructions in the guide above will show you how to record VR gameplay. An excellent option if you want to record games without going through any effort is EaseUS RecExperts. Other VR recorders, such as the PlayStation 4 and Steam, can also be used to record VR content.

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